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David Comedi was born in Tucumán, Argentina in 1961. In 1979 he moved to Israel where he obtained his BA (1983), MSc (1986) and PhD (1990) degrees in Physics from the Israel Institute of Technology, Technion. Between 1990 and 1993, he carried out postdoctoral work at the Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices, McMaster University, Canada. In 1993 he accepted a position as a visiting scientist at the “Gleb Wataghin” Institute of Physics of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil, where he became an associate researcher (1994), assistant professor (1997) and associate professor (1999) of Physics. In 2001, Unicamp awarded him the “Livre-Docencia” title on the Electronic Structure and Electronic, Optical and Magnetic properties of Condensed Matter. Between 2004 and 2006, he visited the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT), McMaster University, Canada, where he worked on the Physics of luminescent Si-based nanostructures and helped to promote scientific collaborations between the CEDT and South America. In 2006, he returned to his hometown to take an Argentina National Research Council (CONICET) position as an Independent Investigator at the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Technology (FACET), National University of Tucumán (UNT). Currently, Dr. Comedi is Principal Investigator at CONICET, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, FACET-UNT and Director of the NanoProject research group.

Dr. Comedi has authored and coauthored 75 papers published in internationally recognized refereed journals, 26 in various conference proceedings and a review encyclopedic article on the properties of amorphous semiconductors. He has graduated 3 Master and 4 PhD students. He has acted as a reviewer for various scientific journals and as adviser and member of Physics and scientific committees of national research councils and agencies of Brazil and Argentina.

His scientific contributions and interests are in the fields of the physics of semiconductor nanotechnology, ion-solid interactions, ion-beam assisted thin film deposition, doping, defect spectroscopy, electronic structure of non-crystalline and nanostructured semiconductors, luminescence and the structure of semiconductor alloys.

His main research collaborators include Dr. Mónica Tirado from the Nanostructures and Dielectric Properties of Matter Laboratory, Dr. Silvia Pérez Heluani and Manuel Villafuerte from the Laboratory of Solid State Physics, both at the National University of Tucumán, Argentina; the Semiconductor Physics Group at INTEC, Santa Fe, Argentina, Dr. Yuri Pusep from the São Carlos Institute of Physics, São Paulo University, Brazil, Dr. Ray LaPierre and Prof. Peter Mascher from the CEDT, McMaster University, Dr. Andrea Bragas from the LEC, FCEyN, UBA, Dr. Eder Romero from the Nanomedicine Program at the University of Quilmes, Prof. Néstor Katz from INQUINOA and others. Some of his current scientific activities have been described at The Nano Project website, the UK IOP (Institute of Physics) and, the Argentina's CienciaNet science news websites, the Nanotechnology Business Journal, and the books "Who's Who in Nanotechnology" edited by the Argentina's Nanotechnology Foundation and "Nanotechnology Today: The Challenge of Knowing and Teaching", edited by Argentina's Ministry of Education.

Dr. Comedi has worked actively in Education for Natural Sciences with basic and high school children and for the popularization of science, participating in various government programs with this aim, such as the "Scientists go to School" program, the "Physics of Light and Optics" course for high school teachers, and various interviews in local newspapers and internet sites. He was one of the coordinators of the "Why Mathematics?" exposition at the UNT museum designed to introduce high school students to the exciting world of pure and applied mathematics. He regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses for graduate students in Physics and Physics Teaching, and has given various invited talks on the Physics and applications of semiconductor nanotechnology.

Some students currently working or recently graduated under Dr. Comedi's guidance or coguidance are Nadia Vega (PhD UNT grad. 2017), Jorge Caram (Licenciado UNT grad. 2014), Ezequiel Tosi, Silvina RealGustavo Grinblat (PhD UBA grad. 2015) and Pablo Gallay (PhD UNT grad. 2017), among others, most of whom are members of the "NanoProject" team.

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